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Starting with Bold for Delphi

Starting with Bold for Delphi is a series of articles design to provide an introduction to the Bold for Delphi product and effective techniques for applying the Bold framework in the development of real world applications.

These articles are designed as an introduction. The Bold for Delphi product contains many components and is comprised of over 1000 classes spread across over 350 units. The product contains many sub frameworks within these classes to support advanced development techniques and the application of industry best practices in the form of patterns, interfaces and modeling.

The design of Bold for Delphi is carefully layered to enable rapid adoption of core techniques with the gradual adoption of the more complex or sophisticated methods as required. These articles are designed to facilitate the transition from traditional programming to the core Bold for Delphi techniques.

Part 1 - Introducing the Basics
01 Aug, 2002

The first installment will address the use of basic Bold for Delphi components and an overview of what they are doing behind the scenes

Part 2 - Extending Models
02 Aug, 2002

Extending basic models to include operations, derived and reverse derived associations/attributes.

Part 3 - OCL
11 Aug, 2002

Using the Bold for Delphi implementation of the Object Constraint Language (OCL)

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All articles from the Getting Started series are also availble from the BoldSoft documentation website !

You can also find them on the Borland Delphi Architect CD-Rom!

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